Playhouse 2011

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112A 140AHere are some photographs about the delivery of the 2011 playhouse.  Our team consisted of Peter Cresswell, Peter Jones and Bill Moffatt. The winners team consisted of the winner, her husband, her father and her mother.  Eager observers were the winner’s two girls and the neighbour.


The delivery was delayed because the winners section was not drive on and the front boundary was very steep.  Eventually the delivery was made on 5 January 2012 through a  neighbours property who had allowed a fairly large tree on the boundary to be felled and the fence removed to a width sufficiently wide for the playhouse. The winners father had done some preliminary work clearing the area and placing lengths of timber to slide the playhouse down the bank.  There were at least 10 steel rollers to help move the playhouse on the planks.

Peter Cresswell  backed the trailer up to the boundary line and we slid the playhouse off onto some planks running down the bank. With a bit of pushing and shoving to get it started, the playhouse slid down through the trees until we reached level ground – well not really level but down to the same height as the lawn.

118ABetween here and the lawn was a fish pond, bamboo bush and overhanging trees.  The chainsaw fixed the bamboo and the overhanging tree branches and we shoved it around the fishpond using planks and the rollers.  We manoeuvred the playhouse around and settled it onto the prebuilt foundation.



132A131AThe two children had not been told about the playhouse and were they excited when they realised what it was.  By the time we left they had moved pillows and some other things into the playhouse.

We had difficulty getting them to stand still while we took photos.